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Photo of Tucson, AZ Dream Home


Photo of Tucson, AZ Home with Saguaro Cactus in Foreground

Finding the home of your dreams requires a great plan. I can help!  Together, we'll define the following key elements:

1) How much should you spend?

2) Where is the best location for you?

3) What size house suits you best?

4) Which design elements really matter?

5) Why should you consider resale value?


Start your home search now from the comfort of your own computer.  Call me when you are ready and we'll go exploring!


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Your Trust and Confidence

Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship between a client and their fiduciary agent. As a Realtor®, I follow a strict Code of Ethics that inspires my clients' confidence. This standard of behavior is nothing new to me. It is a natural follow-on to the Honor Code I practiced at the Air Force Academy for four years and the Core Values I commanded as a commissioned officer for over 28 years. I would be honored to have the chance to earn your trust and confidence.